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First Harvest Ancient Collection Mead with Apple Blossoms, Elderflowers, and Yarrow by Groennfell - 2023 Release

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First Harvest from Groennfell takes us even deeper into the tradition of our Ancient Collection by brewing small-batch mead with seasonal ingredients harvested by hand from small farms.

This mead features fresh apple blossoms, elderflowers, and yarrow from Bondegaard in Swanton, VT and dried elderflowers from Chip Malinowski in Riverside, CA.

  • Color - Golden Orange
  • Aroma - Wild-flowers, Orange Blossoms, and Apple Blossoms
  • Flavor - A rich honey flavor balanced with delicate floral notes and very subtle herbal finish
  • Closest Comparison - It’s like standing in a spring meadow. It’s almost like if a Chablis were a mead.

Each month, Ricky and our brew team lovingly brew 200 bottles of a limited mead made with seasonal ingredients from small farms in interesting and delicious combinations. Each mead of the month will be extremely special, never to be brewed again. This is the first in the series, and we hope you enjoy it!

  • 750ml glass bottle 
  • Includes one bottle of First Harvest Mead
  • 14.2% ABV
  • Non-carbonated
  • Ingredients: Orange Blossom Honey, Elderflowers, Apple Blossoms, Yarrow
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