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English Martial Arts

by Terry Brown
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A handbook of English martial arts with instruction in many English fighting techniques.

Sixteenth century English martial artists had their own governing body, the Company of Maisters, which taught and practised a fighting system that ranks as high in terms of effectiveness and pedigree as any in the world. Experienced martial artists, irrespective of the style they practice, will recognise that the techniques and methods of this system are based on principles that are as valid as those that underlie the system that they practice.

'I found the historical accounts of these martial artists amazing...If you have any interest in martial arts at all, be it weapons or empty hand combat, then this book is a must, not only for the practical depiction of the techniques but for the in-depth historical facts surrounding our own island's martial discipline.'
Pat O'Malley, Martial Arts Illustrated, U.K.

'It is very well done, with very valuable material. It is a welcomed study, smoothly written. John Clements, Historical Armed Combat Association U.S.A. I highly recommend this book; I particularly like the fighting terminology he has researched, which provides documented period names (in English, no less) for many of the fighting stances and guards we in the SCA currently use under a bewildering number of different names. Techniques from English Martial Arts can also provide the basis for a very good training program for newer fighters, or for experienced fighters learning a new weapon style.'
Michael Lacy, Flame Journal, (Society for Creative Anachronisms)

Techniques included in this book are: bare-fist fighting; broadsword; quarterstaff; bill; sword and buckler; sword and dagger.

Pages: 240 pages
Book Art: 220 Photographs 
Size: 6 x 9 inch
Publisher: Anglo-Saxon Books
Pub. Date: December 31, 1997
ISBN: 978-1898281627

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