The Pulled Pork of the Gods

Long did he wander through shadow and snow,
Across bridges of light and chasms of darkness.
The Meadmaker pushed silently on,
Alone but for his purpose and resolve.

To the very walls of Asgard his footsteps led,
Yea to the very doors of Valhalla.
With mighty hand did the Meadmaker fight,
Against many worthy foes.

In defeat, the great warriors maintained their honor.
In victory the Meadmaker was humble.
Not for honor did he voyage and fight,
But for the great prize of this Highest World.

With Sæhrimnir bound and Heiðrún beside,
The Meadmaker joyfully journeyed homeward.
Back, he came, to Midgard to share with his beloved,
The Meadiacs of the Hall, his everlasting prize.

For each week, in honor of the High One,
On his self-named day,
Shall the Meadmaker prepare the Great Beast,
And it shall be feasted upon by those of this land.

And for the Mighty Thor, on his sacred day,
Each week shall the Great Goat be made to give Mead
And so quench at little cost the thirst
Of the worthy and faithful to The Hall!

For those of you not much given to poetry or textual analysis, here’s the TL;DR:
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